All in due time…

Wow… It’s over a year since I was on here last!

Due to various circumstances, one of which was me getting involved with my ex again – yes, I know this is never a good idea – my Master released me from service. I thought I was happily involved but yeah, thought is the operative word. I still found myself longing for the instruction and discipline of someone who understood my needs. I tried introducing my ex to the “softer” side of bdsm but it simply wasn’t in him. Anyway, we dated for just over a year, until 4 days before Valentine’s Day, he decided it was over.

I had still been in contact via FB with my Master regarding various different things (non-bdsm related) and asked if it would be alright if we got together for coffee since I would be in Jo’burg occasionally because of work. He agreed and my heart soared at the thought of being able to just have a cup of coffee with Him. Conversation continued to a point where I told Him that I found it hard to think of Him in any other way besides “my Master” and He agreed that we could give it another try, warning me that He is wiser and stricter. I am doing my best to follow the instructions that He has given me – I am still learning and sometimes my job has a tendency to make things difficult but things will be much better as soon as I can get that under control. I will do everything possible to make sure that He is proud of me.

Work decided at the end of March to transfer me permanently to Jo’burg which suited me perfectly – closer to Master and far away from the drama that seems to permeate where I was. The complete fresh start that I had been looking for over a year ago… I guess everything does happen when it’s supposed to. I needed to learn that a “normal” relationship simply doesn’t work for me – I need more and that is something only He can give me.



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