First Times

I was privileged to spend last weekend with my Master and I was able to experience a number of “firsts”.

On Friday, I got meet my sister slave in a way I never expected to meet anyone. We were both blindfolded and unaware that there was someone else in the house besides Master. He then guided the two of us through a very intense introduction. There were 3 firsts involved in this for me – the blindfold, the sexual intimacy with another woman as well sexual intimacy that involved more than 2 people. The three of us then went to play pool and have a couple of drinks. I really enjoyed spending time with both my sister slave and our Master – nice to be able to speak to people who understand where I am coming from.

Sister had to work on Saturday so Master and I spent most of the day just lounging around – I was so happy to be able to be in His presence. When Sister returned, we started getting ready for another first for me which was going to a Play Party. I was very nervous but Sister and Master both helped me choose what to wear. Sister also said that she would look after me and Master would NEVER let anyone take advantage of me. 

It was very interesting seeing other people play in real life as opposed to just seeing photographs and I met some interesting people. What was fantastic about it, was that nobody made me feel like I was unwelcome – although with Master being who He is and as well known as He is, I don’t think anyone would dare.

I experienced proper rope play for the first time as well as receiving my first public spanking. I know Master went easy on me as I saw what He did to the friend who had convinced Him to attend the party – He hasn’t been to one for a long time. Even though He went easy on me, I still had some nice bruises on my ass – not as spectacular as the ones He inflicted on His friend but I will get there eventually. I asked Master permission to add her on FB as I don’t really know anyone in the lifestyle besides Him and Sister in person. She has been in the lifestyle for about 10 years and I feel that there is a lot that I can learn from her that will help me please Master and He gave me His consent. I now have her on WhatsApp as well and she has said that she will gladly answer any questions that I may have.

I want to know as much as possible so that Master will be as proud to call me His slave as I am to have been chosen to be His slave.



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