So THAT’s why…

Something has been on my mind for a while – it shouldn’t have been because I have my Master now and it may make me sound like a hypocrite…

I have been curious as to why the ex was sooo happy to get rid of me – even encouraging me to “follow my dream” by moving to Johannesburg, leaving him behind. Well, thank you, FB and WhatsApp for showing me today! WhatsApp profile picture: him and some other woman – we had been together for approximately 2 years, living together for about 1 and all I had to show for it was 2 photographs of the two of us together which never got displayed as anything. While I know that life does not revolve around WhatsApp and FB, it made me feel like like he was ashamed to let people know that I was his significant other and that hurt like hell.

So, next up… The FB status: “A good guy will tell you you’re beautiful. A real gentleman will make you believe it!!!!” Comment from the other woman: “Thanks for being a real gentlemen and treating me like a Princess x” As for “Princess”? She wouldn’t know a “real gentleman” if one slapped her on the ass! 

I did not go looking for this info but when someone sends you a message for your birthday, you read it and if you’re like me, you notice things like profile pictures – I am a visual person *shrug*. And FB? FB has this terrible thing called a news feed… Which I am now going to edit so I can remove things I don’t want/need to see – didn’t know that you could do this *lol*

 While all this has made me incredibly angry, it has also shown me how fortunate I am to have Master in my life. Although I am broken, He has seen beauty and potential in me and, through my service to Him, He will help to grow these things so I can be the person He sees hidden inside me. I will do my best – yes, I will stumble and fall at times – to make sure that He is proud to call me His slave…


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